Hotel Alhambra is a certified resort with dr Ewa Dąbrowska diet

The hotel is placed in an antique, XIX century building with elements of Moresque architecture. The name descends from the iconic Spanish palace of Alhambra.

A thorough renovation was concluded in the summer of 2015. Today, Alhambra, due to its chiselled restoration, combines history and modernity, allowing for an active rest, leisure pursuit and consolidation of health. 

Welcome to a quaint, comfortable place, in which every detail serves a purpose of improving the wellbeing and convenience of hotel quests. Alhambra is situated in the centre of the Kłodzko Valley, famed for its sanative ambience, curative springs and numerous tourist destinations for centuries, altogether creating a inimitable climate. Undoubtedly, here is where shangri-la and cloud nine is to be found, as it was spoken of by its Moresque creators.